Thursday, November 8, 2018

An International Affair Cubs

Here's an insert that makes it debut in Update, An International Affair.  The 50-card set focuses on the players' home countries. Its not an original idea.  Bowman sets have had an insert called Hometown that did the same thing.  The Bowman cards featured the flag of the players native land in the background.

Five of the 50 cards belong to Cubs players.

Javier Baez - Puerto Rico

Kris Bryant - USA

Willson Contreras - Venezuela

Yu Darvish - Japan

Jose Quintana - Colombia


  1. Topps should have used the countries flags.

    1. I like the idea of the country flags, or maybe turn the background colors away from the team colors and to the colors of the country's flag?

  2. Not only did Bowman use the idea, but Allen & Ginter had it under the name World Talent. (And, Jeremy, you'll find the flags there.) Can't expect Topps to think of new ideas!