Friday, November 23, 2018

Really, The Last Topps Cub of 2018

Now I am really, truely, actually done.  I have in hand my final Topps 2018 Cub.  It is the Ernie Banks variation from Series Two.  It is card #384, making it the same number as Addison Russell's card.  Nice match by Topps with two Cubs shortstops.

While the number was a nice match, the color, once again, is not.  Remember how Topps messed up colorizing the blue circle on Ernie's Update variation.  Well that was nothing compared to what they did with the Series Two cards.

Yes, for some insane reason, Ernie is wearing a red jacket.  Red, the color of the Cardinals, on Mr. Cub.  Are the people at Topps so ignorant that no one thought to question the overwhelming red on a Cubs card?

Here is the original black and white picture.  It was taken at spring training.  The jacket would have to be blue, as it is on....

.... this Topps card...

...or this one...

or this one. 

Seriously, who thought that the jacket should be red??


  1. I thought it odd Ernie had a red jacket, but decided not to question Topps. Boy, do I feel silly now!

  2. Hard to understand their lack of attention to detail.

  3. Also notice they added clouds to the colorized photo to make it a little more majestic and in-depth. Photoshoppers, I tell ya!