Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cubs Silver Slugger Winners

Javier Baez won the NL Silver Slugger for second baseman this year.  I thought I'd follow up yesterday's post on the Gold Glove winners with a look today at all the Cubs who have won the Silver Slugger.

The award has been around since Hillerich & Bradsby gave out the first in 1980.  Since then there have been eleven different Cubs honored.  They've covered all the positions except shortstop.  I'd imagine if the award existed in the 50's and 60's that Ernie Banks would have picked up a few at short.

Pitchers: Carlos Zambrano (2006, 2008-09) and Jake Arrieta (2016)

Catcher: Michael Barrett (2005)


First Baseman: Derrek Lee (2005) and Anthony Rizzo (2016)


Second Baseman: Ryne Sandberg (1984-85, 1988-1992) and Javier Baez (2018)

Third Baseman: Aramis Ramirez (2011)


Outfielders: Leon Durham (1982), Andre Dawson (1987), and Sammy Sosa (1995, 1998-2002)


  1. Wow, I forgot Michael Barrett won one.

  2. Always surprised looking back Grace didn't pick up 1 or 3. Guess he didn't the have power numbers.

  3. Also surprising that Maddux didn't get one as a Cub.