Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2018 Update Has Arrived

My 2018 Update cards from BrentandBecca arrived yesterday. It took him a little longer as he had 95 cases to bust and then collate.  He mentioned on Twitter that he was getting 2-3 hours of sleep for the past several days.  He also said that for the first time ever he is going to close his Ebay store while he takes a 3 week vacation.  Good for him!  Its time off, well deserved.

The Cubs snagged 13 cards among the 300 in the set.



The All Star game accounted for five of the 13.  There are waaay too many cards in the set from the All Star game and Home Run Derby.  I really don't need more cards of players that already have a card.  The set is called Update, but your updates are limited when so many slots are for cards that aren't updating anything.

Here are two actual update cards, as Hamels was acquired during the season and Bote was a rookie making his MLB debut.

These guys came to the Cubs last winter, so they get updated too.


Strop has been with the Cubs since 2013, Montgomery since 2016.... not much to update here.  The set should really be called "Update, All Stars, and Guys We Couldn't Fit Into Series One and Two."

The biggest head scratched for inclusion is this one...

... of Taylor Davis.  He played in just eight games last year and went back to AAA.  There was no chance of him coming to the bigs before the September call-up unless there was an injury.  Why he was given a slot is a real mystery to me.


  1. At least they used a cool photo for the Taylor Davis card.

  2. Wow, 95 cases...that could be enough to turn me off baseball cards. I think the All Star and HR Derby cards should be an insert set. It frees up the checklist for "Update and Guys We Couldn't Fit Into Series One and Two".

  3. The Taylor Davis card screams of the Jseng Ho cards Topps was urging earlier this year. Cubs have no rookies to push other than Bote so lets find one for the major team people will pursue.