Wednesday, February 5, 2020

1951 Bowman Cubs - The Real Deals!

My journey to replace Bowman reprints with the real deals had me skip over 1950 and go after the 1951 cards.  It was for a simple reason.... there were a few sellers that had all the cards going up for auction instead of BIN.  I was hoping to get better prices via the auctions, and I did.  The average price per card for the '51s was a couple dollars cheaper than what I paid for the 1949 cards with BINs.  The 1951 set also had more Cubs to get, so being able to save was a good thing.

You'll notice that the shape of the cards changed from the 1949s.  They are more rectangular than square.  They are not, however, the 2½" x 3½"  size that we are accustomed to today.  These measure in at 2 1/16" x 3 1/8".

The Cubs set consists of 19 cards.









The Schmitz card is definitely an outlier with its horizontal orientation.


  1. Another job well done. The Braves had 23 which I still need the last 5 to finish my 51's.

  2. A. The Jeffcoat is my favorite pose.
    B. Love seeing the bricks in the background on the Hacker and Lade cards.
    C. Big fan of early 50's Bowmans

  3. How about the mountain in the background on the Schmitz card. Very cool all the way around!

  4. Nice. The Jeffcoat and Schmitz really stand out.