Sunday, February 9, 2020

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 17,675 Cubs cards from 213 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: 1917 Collins-McCarthy #44 Larry Doyle  Doyle was a long-time Giant that joined the Cubs late in the 1916 season.  After spending 1917 as the Cubs full-time second baseman, he went back to the Giants after the season and spent three more years with the before retiring.

1980s: 1980 TCMA Baseball Immortals #76 Gabby Hartnett The 1955 flag represents the year Hartnett was elected to the Hall of Fame.  The picture on the card is from either 1932 or 1933, the only two years the Cubs used the home uniform he is wearing.

1990s: 1991 Vineline #11 Joe Girardi The former Cubs catcher that lost out to another former Cubs catcher for the manager's job.

2000s: 2004 Bowman Alberto Garcia  The Cubs signed Garcia as a free agent from the Dominican Republic in 2002.  The games in AAA ball in 2007 was as high as he got,

2010s: 2015 Bowman's Best #16 Jake Arrieta  Jake was not only Bowman's Best in 2015, he was the National League's best too, winning the Cy Young with a league best 22 wins.

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  1. I still have a soft spot for Alberto Garcia after all these years. He would take time before and after Peoria Chiefs games to talk to us. Last I saw he was to be an assistant coach in the Cubs organization for one of the summer instructional teams, but that was a few years ago.