Monday, February 10, 2020

My First Topps 2020 Cards

The local Walmart was stocked with 2020 Series One cards, so I picked up three packs.  One is saved for my display (more on that tomorrow) and I opened the other two.

They were a major disappointment.  Two packs = 32 cards.  With 30 MLB  teams, the odds were with me that I'd get a Cub or two.

The odds were against me!

 I didn't pull a single Cub.

These two were the closest  I came to Cubs...


The son of a Cub and a former Cub. 

With my luck, the pack that I didn't open probably has three Cubs inside.


  1. The question is... did you pull the lone Ranger? If so, I'd say you beat the odds.

  2. I pulled 6 Cubs out of a 98-card box. Fat lot of good that did.