Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2020 Topps Cubs Inserts - 1985 Topps

Here's the first of the insert sets from series one that have Cubs cards, the 1985 cards.

I still do get why Topps keeps doing this.  Heritage is for using the past designs.  Why do we need this insert set or Archives?

This is what the the cards looked like in 1985.  


Here's the 1985 and 2020 cards side by side.  As always, the modern version is not an exact copy of the original.  The biggest difference that I noticed is the Cubs logo.  The smaller logo and white space on the 2020 card are a downgrade for me.

The inserts set has 100 cards and seven are Cubs. That's a lot of cards. In addition to the Sandberg card, we get...




...four stars and two rookies.  Looks like the designated rookies for the Cubs this year are Robel Garcia and Nico Hoerner.

One nice thing Topps did with the checklist is that the cards are numbered in team alphabetical order.  The lists starts with the Angels (Anaheim) and then continues with Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, and so on.  The Cubs are cards 24-29.  

The system continues until card #92, when a Dodger was slipped in at #92.  A few cards later Nico Hoerner in #95, surrounded by to Tampa Bay Rays.  I wonder which Rays player got dropped?

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