Friday, February 7, 2020

Like Father Like Son Good Bye Home Run

When the Topps 2020 Series One checklist was released, there was one card listed that was a bit of a head-scratcher.  Listed as a Cubs card, #325 was called "Like Father Like Son."

Topps has had these types of cards before and one of them showed a Cub.

But I couldn't think of anyone currently with the Cubs that has a dad that played in the majors. The only possibility I came up with is Dwight Smith, Jr., who's dad played for the Cubs. So who is on the card?

Now that the cards are out I have the answer.

Topps messed up.

This is card #325.  It's called "Good-Bye, Home Run", not "Like Father, Like Son."

There is a card in the set with that name, #61.

The checklist from Topps names this cards as "Manny Being Manny".

Turns out that card is #15, showing Manny Machado.  The checklist says that #15 is "Hollywood Heroes"  But the real "Hollywood Heroes" card is #298.

And how is #298 listed on the checklist?  "Big Air Big Hair".That card is #72.

Then the checklist has #72 as Good Bye Home Run, which as we now know, is the Cubs card, #325.

Turns out that nine out of the ten checklist cards were misnamed on the checklist that Topps released.

Here's how Topps messed it up the checklist they issued.....

#15 Hollywood Heroes is actually Manny Being Manny
#18 Christian & Nolan is actually Master and Apprentice
#31 Close Call is Close Call --- this is the only one listed correctly
#61 Manny Being Manny is actually Like Father Like Son
#72 Good-Bye Home Run is actually Big Air Big Hair
#85 Soaking It All In is actually Tim and Yolmer
#157 Master and Apprentice is actually Soaking It All In
#160 Tim and Yolmer is actually Christian & Nolan
#298 Big Air Big Hair is actually Hollywood Heroes
#325 Like Father Like Son is actually Good-Bye Home Run


  1. Does the Cubs announcer usually say "Good-bye Home Run!" ? That's Orioles play-by-play guy Gary Thorne's signature call.

    Is the flagship committee so clueless that they're just recycling old ideas and assigning them randomly to current players?

    1. That was my first thought too. I've heard that call enough on MASN to automatically associate it with Thorne.

  2. Definitely a Gary Thorne home run call phrase on that card, I agree with the two commenters above. That would be a cool idea for an insert though, almost every announcer has some type of call like that. The Cardinals one would have to say, "Get up, get up baby" for Mike Shannon.

    1. That would be a good idea for Opening Day or one of their sets that feature lighter content. Even toss in some autos as chasers (imagine the Vin Scully chase!) - they could even do Harry Caray cut autos LOL!

  3. Another #FacePalm for Topps. Ugh.