Monday, February 24, 2020

Topps 2020 Series One Base Cubs

Let's Celebrate!  My Series One shipment from Brentandbecca  has arrived!

I'll be posing the contents over the next week.  Today I start with the flashship Cubs.  There are fifteen Cubs cards among the 350.  I'm happy with that number, considering the mediocre season the team had in 2019.



More than half of the big Cubs names are included.  Series One brings cards for Almora, Baez, Hendricks, Kimbrel, Lester, Quintana, Rizzo, and Schwarber.  I assume that we'll get cards from Bryant, Contreras, and Heyward in series two.



In addition to the biggies, we get some lessers such as Adbert Alzolay, David Bote, Robel Garcia, Nico Hoerner, and Danny Holtzen.  It's been a while since the Cubs had four rookie cards in the first series.

The final card is the checklist that shows a walk off home run hit by Kyle Schwarber on July 16.  Even better, the Cubs were wearing 1969 throwbacks and we get a few looks at the classic Cub shoulder patch.


  1. Crazy to think this Hultzen's RC. Even crazier if you consider he was drafted in 2011 ahead of Trevor Bauer, Anthony Rendon, Francisco Lindor, Javy Baez and The Vogelmonster!

  2. This makes two years in a row that the Javy Baez base card is an incredible photo! I also really like the Bote photo choice as well, reminds me of some Mark Grace cards from back in the day!