Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Missing Decades Best

Yesterday I showed the Cubs cards included in the Decades Best insert set.  Two decades, the 1960s and the 2000s, did not include any Cubs.

I can't let that go, so I created a Cubs card for the missing decades.

Billy Williams gets a card for his consecutive games played streak during the 1960s.  From September 22, 1963 through the end of the decade, Billy played in every single Cubs game.

For the 2000s I went with Derrek Lee and his 2005 season.  He led the league in hitting, hits, doubles, runs created, and slugging.  He was second in home runs and seventh in RBIs.  He was a pretty good batter!


  1. These are awesome. I wish I knew how to make custom cards. I feel like Cutch deserves a decades best for 2010s. He is a top 5 WAR player among position players for the decade and lead the Pirates to the postseason for 3 straight years after 2 decades of losing records. Shame on Topps for not giving Cutch his due.

  2. Lee had a solid career at the plate... and his numbers during the 2000's are quite impressive.

  3. it could happen in series 2 or even update as i believe topps is carrying the decades' best theme forward into those releases. of course, last year i expected don drysdale to get a 'greatest seasons' insert, but it did not happen.