Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 Archives - The Subset Cubs

 In addition to 300 cards divided between designs from 1955, 1974, and 2002, Archives had two additional subsets.  One was based on the 1976 Traded subset and the other was called "Nicknames."

Ryno is included in the Traded subset.  


Baez and Banks are in the Nicknames subset.  I like the El Mago card 

I can't stand the Mr. Sunshine card.  If you are calling a guy Mr. Sunshine, shouldn't the Sun be in the picture?  But really, when you say "nickname" and "Ernie Banks" I don't think Mr. Sunshine is what comes to mind.  Ernie is Mr. Cub. Period.


  1. The Nickname cards look really cool, some of the best inserts I've seen in a while. But "Mr Sunshine" in a forest is an odd choice. Is it possible that "Mr. Cub" is trademarked and can't be used by Topps?

  2. Must. Have. That. El Mago. Card.