Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Banks Boo Boo in Stadium Club

 I mentioned yesterday that the photo used for Ernie Banks' 2020 Stadium Club card is colorized.  It's a pretty decent job, but the colorist made a boo boo.  My Cub-trained eyes spotted it immediately.

This close-up shows the error.  See the blue line under "Chicago?"

The line on the uniform was never blue.  It was red.

Topps' lack of attention to detail is frustrating.  If you are going through the trouble of colorizing a picture, why not made sure you get all the colors of the uniform correct?

I did.


  1. Good eye catching that error. That's almost as bad as the 2020 Topps Decades Best (#85 I think) picturing the Dodgers with RED numbers on their backs.

  2. I keep advocating the hiring of certain bloggers to help clean up their act over at Topps. You're one of them. Nice detective work.

  3. Topps just needs to do a little thing I like to call "research". It's not like all this info isn't easily available. (cough cough "Dressed To The Nines" cough "Chris Creamer" cough "UniWatch")