Saturday, September 12, 2020

Moving Along With the Billy Rainbow

 Billy Williams was included in this year's Archives set and I'm working on a Billy rainbow.  So far I've got three parallels and one more in on the way.

The blue borders are /25

Purples are a little more plentiful, coming in at /175

This is the foil or refractor version.  The foil version is not numbered and not listed.  I can't find any mention of it in any checklist. Anyone know anything about them?

There are also red (/75) and gold (1/1).  I figured I'd never see the gold, but am stumped as to why the /75 red hasn't shown up anywhere yet.


  1. I purchased a green foil /15 of Vogelbach and I'm watching a red foil /5 as well. You may want to add those to your list to keep an eye for. Supposedly there is a silver foil /99 out there, but I haven't seen one yet.
    I have no idea what that last Billy is. They sure don't make it easy on us player collectors!

  2. The foil cards are exclusive to Target Mega Boxes, which come with a pack of 3 foil cards. I've seen some listings indicating there are 105 of the silver foil cards, and there are green versions numbered to 15, red numbered to 5, and black which are 1 of 1.