Thursday, September 17, 2020



After a year of seemingly every set including a card for Robel Garcia, Topps has finally given him the boot.

The checklist for Allen and Ginter came out last week.  Garcia is gone!

Fourteen Cubs and no Robel!  Oddly, of the fourteen, six are retired.  That's what it was like during the dark days of the rebuild.  The active players weren't good enough to deserve cards so we saw more retired Cubs.  I hope we aren't going back to those times.


  1. I've noticed this year that Topps is going more toward retired players with A&G. The Orioles have 11 players in the set and 8 of them are retired.

  2. I've always associated A&G with retired players and non-baseball subjects. I'm gonna guess that the A's are like the Orioles where they have more retired players than active on this year's checklist.

    1. Mets are even at 6 current and 6 retired players.