Thursday, September 10, 2020

Using the $25 Ebay Certificate

Ebay had a $25 available a few weeks ago.  Several bloggers made use of the free money and posted about their purchase.

Add me to the list.  I'm not going to let $25 go to waste!


This is the 1969 Dunkin Donuts Billy Williams bumper sticker.  It's been on my want list for a long time but I've not seen an affordable one.  Knocking $25 off the purchase price made it affordable. 

I typically free cards from their PSA prison, but this time I'm going to leave it encased.  The sticker is now part of my Billy Williams PSA Master List collection.  Should I ever decide to get my collection grades so I can get listed on the registry, I have one less item to submit.

I now have 117 of the 143, items (which is 82%) on the PSA list that show Billy with the Cubs.


  1. That's an awesome vintage oddball. Never seen or heard of these before.

  2. That is really an amazing bumper sticker.