Monday, September 14, 2020

Borrowed Bam

 The cartons n the backs of the 2020 Archives cards with the 1974 design are not original.  They were all taken from the 1974 set. Topps just added different words.

Here's the back of Billy Williams' card and a close look at the cartoon.  I got out my 1974 binder and started paging through, checking out the backs.  After looking over the first 500 cards and not finding the Bam, I started having some doubts....was the Bam cartoon custom made in 2020 for Billy?

But I still had another couple hundred cards to look over.

And there it is, on card 646, George Foster.

Billy is one of a few players in the Archives set that had a card in the 1974 set.  Here's the back of his card:

They should have used the '74 cartoon in the Archives set.


  1. Topps should spring for some new cartoons once in a while. I mean, there have to be freelancers who would do it pretty cheaply.

    Someone pointed out that a lot of the original cartoons were about non-baseball stuff, but the current Archives set doesn't follow that. This is a good example.