Friday, March 27, 2015

Another Tribute Card

My Opening Day team set finally made it out of Florida and I should be getting the cards in the mail this afternoon.  In the meantime, I've got another 2015 Tribute card.

This time it's Andre Dawson.  This is the black parallel relic card and it is /50.  So far just two of the 50 have been listed on Ebay.  I'm thinking that these might become pretty scarce.

Though the box price for Tribute is waaaay out of my price range, picking up cards like this one and yesterday's Sandberg card is much lighter on the wallet.  This /50 cost me just $8.  Seems to me that a jersey /50 card of a Hall of Fame player should go for more than just eight bucks, but I won't complain.


  1. If you want to pay more for it, I'll buy it off you for $8 and sell it back to you next week for $40. :)

  2. The only Giants one I find is going for $125, and not a HOFer...