Friday, February 3, 2017

1979 Floating Heads

I went to Opening Day for the first time in 1979.  I graduated from high school in 1979.  Topps had the floating heads once again in 1979

Here's the original team picture.

The Cubs made this super easy as the pictures on the photo are all by uniform numbers.  It starts with #1 Cookie Rojas and ends with #49 Donnie Moore.

I was also able to find an updated version.  Five players were out (Joe Wallis, Rudy Meoli, Hector Cruz, Woody Fryman, and Paul Reuschel) and replaced by five others (Mike Vail, Ken Holtzman, Rodney Scott, Jerry White, and Lynn McGlothen).

Topps went rogue and added a player not on either of the team photos. Dave Johnson is only on the Topps card.  Also, the Ken Holtzman, Lynn McGlothen, Rodney Scott, Mike Vail, and Jerry White pictures on the Topps card are not the ones on the Cubs photo.  It makes me wonder if there is a third version put out by the Cubs.

And who made Topps' final cut??

Row 1: Cookie Rojas, Steve Ontiveros, Larry Cox, Jerry White, Gene Clines, Herman Franks, Mick Kelleher
Row 2: Rodney Scott, Peanuts Lowrey, Manny Trillo, Bobby Murcer, Ray Burris, Dennis Lamp, Bruce Sutter, Dave Roberts
Row 3: Ken Holtzman, Mike Krukow, Lynn McGlothen, Willie Hernandez, Mike Roarke, Dave Kingman, Mike Vail, Dave Johnson
Row 4: Larry Biittner, Bill Buckner, Ivan DeJesus, Donnie Moore, Greg Gross, Joe Amalfitano, Dave Rader, Rick Reuschel

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