Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Series One Cubs Inserts - 1987 Cards

Most years  I'm able to show all the Cubs inserts from a series with one post.  Not this year, as the Cubs are featured in a whopping 34 insert cards!  So today I've got just the Cubs from the 1987 set.

The set has 100 cards on the checklist and eight of them are Cubs.  That is a crazy high number of Cubs.  

The first thing I need to do is to compare the 2017 version with the actual 1987 cards.  Topps made it easy because Ryne Sandberg has cards in both.


The card from 1987 is on the left.  Notice right away that the Cubs logo is different.  The 1987 version is much bigger and much better.  The shading of the wood is different as the originals have a darker color.  But the red box is brighter on the 2017 cards while the font on the new cards is smaller.  I'm still baffled as to the reasons why Topps cannot duplicate their own designs.

Now on to the current players.  Topps didn't include any clunkers among the seven.  And despite having seven included, the NL's ERA leader and runner-up from 2016 didn't make the set, nor did the NLCS or World Series MVPs.  I guess the Cubs are kinda loaded with decent players right now!





  1. I've echoed your sentiment about not being able to duplicate their cards from the original layout, unless for whatever reason, they don't have the old templates saved from its original design. I can't imagine Topps not keeping those, but it lends the question as to why the 2017 and 1987 don't match. Or why they have used the 1987 design for sets and then broke out the 30-year anniversary excuse to do it again. I don't reckon we'll see Topps trot out a lot of Kyle Hendricks cards, he seems to be wearing that "boring" tag that doesn't help move product. But to be fair, I do like the Future Stars cards, and neat to see Contreras with one. Russell and Schwarber should have them, they're already stars. Can't believe they didn't pick CJ Edwards as a Future Star!

  2. The white around the Cubs logo is stupid. Otherwise we're lucky. This year is an embarrassment of riches for Cubs fans. I'll say after a lifetime of losing we deserve it.