Saturday, February 25, 2017

Topps 2017 Series One Cubs

I'm really late to this party!

Brentandbecca made a mistake that delayed my cards getting sent to me.  As soon as I brought the problem to his attention he was extremely apologetic and fixed the situation immediately.  I don't mind mistakes when they are owned up to and then taken care of promptly.  Brent did both.  I've already placed my Heritage order with him, and I didn't give it a second thought,

So here is the massive Cubs set from Series One.  There are a total of 20 base cards.  I went back to 2011 to see how many first series Cubs cards there are from those years:

2011 - 11
2012 - 6
2013 - 6
2014 - 9
2015 - 9
2016 - 11

There was an enormous leap in Cubs cards, and two reasons for it. First, Topps made individual cards for the league leaders instead of the usual multi-player cards.  Plus, with good players the Cubs landed several among the leaders.  The second reason for the extra cards are the beautiful, magnificent, long-awaited World Series Highlights cards.  There were four of those beauties.  Subtract the leaders and highlights and we have a more reasonable ten Cubs cards.

Here are the ten, which include two players gone from team, Jorge Soler and Jason Hammel...



Next up are the league leader cards.  This sure seems like a waste of checklist slots. I hope they go back to the multi-player cards in the future, which would make cards available to more players.  




And finally, the cards that I've only waited my entire lifetime to see!!



  1. I agree with your assessment returning to the multi-player format for the League Leaders cards, but only if Topps gets serious about its checklist. Once they stop wasting cardboard on guys like Will Middlebrooks, who got all of 27 ABs with the Brewers last year and is now with the Rangers, the I think it'll be a great idea.

  2. Can't have too many World Series cards this year.

  3. The 2017 design does no favors for Addison Russell's card, but the rest of them look fine.