Monday, February 6, 2017

Finally Got Some

I'm usually one of the last ones to this party.  I checked the local Walmart and Meijers twice since Wednesday, looking for 2017 cards.

Nothing, as usual, unless you're looking for 2016 series two.

Luckily, Mrs. WW and WW Jr. were heading to Kalamazoo (a 50 minute drive - not worth it for me to just go for a couple packs) to do some shopping.  They added Target to their list of stops and got some!

I got three packs.  One goes on the display, two get ripped.

Here's the updated wall display.  My collection goes back to 1969.  The top shelf runs from 1969 - 1986.  In the middle are packs from 1987 - 2002.  The bottom finishes the run, 2003 - 2017.  I've got room of the bottom to squeeze in two more packs.  In 2020 I'll need to add a fourth shelf.

This is the first time a Cub player has been featured on the front of a Topps Series 1 or Series 2 pack.   Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, and Phillies seem to have the most players over the years.  I'm happy to finally see Cubbie blue on the cover.

As far as the ripping goes, it was nearly a complete bust.  The first pack netted no Cubs.  And with the second pack, it wasn't until I got to the middle that I found this...

...Kris Bryant card.  It is from the MLB Awards insert set, which is a Target exclusive.  Bryant actually has two cards in the set. This one is for winning the Hank Aaron Award.  The second card is for being named NL MVP. My supplies Brentandbecca doesn't buy retail cases, so the master set I'll be getting from him won't include this card.  Knowing that, I already picked up both of the Bryant award cards from another seller.  That makes this my first double of the year.


  1. Those shelves are great! Are they all unopened?

    1. The packs from 1981 and up are unopened. For the earlier ones I bought wrappers and resealed some cards in the wrappers.

  2. He also has at least one card in the Wal-Mart Exclusive Silver Slugger Awards which look exactly like the Hank Aaron award cards. Plus there are a bunch of Cubs in that insert too.

  3. Those pack shelves are awesome!

  4. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I got some packs from Kalamazoo... (For anyone out there who might get a 75-year-old reference).

    According to the 2017 Checklist downloadable from Topps, the "Fielding Awards" cards are the Topps exclusives; Silver Slugger are the WalMart exclusives and any other awards cards are retail only.