Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Few More Team Photos

I've got three more Cubs team cards with the players identified.

The 1966 team card broke a string of three straight cards using the 1960 team picture.  But Topps wasn't ready to get completely up-to-date.

The card used the 1964 team photo.  I guess two years behind is better than using a five year old photo like the did in 1965.  Doc Shueneman, the team trainer, missed the photo shoot and got a floating head insert, but Topps skipped Doc on the team card.

In 1967 Topps did what it was supposed to used the most up to date team photo.

Again it looks like Topps colorized the photo for the card.  Either that or it was quiet a coincidence that the jacket of the traveling secretary and the pants of equipment manager Yosh Kiwano are the exact same shade of blue.

Taking a break from two years of floating heads, Topps used the 1972 team photo from the Sporting News Baseball guide for the 1973 team card.  I wonder what Bill North in the second row was looking at?

This wraps up all of the easy to ID pictures.

Tomorrow I'll have the toughies.

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