Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Floating Heads of 1980

We've moved into the Eighties as the heads continue to float.

I was able to find two versions of the Cubs 1979 photo...

Again, they listed everyone numerically, so identifying the players is a snap.  Four players were swapped out between the old and new. Gone were #7 Bobby Murcer, #18 Gene Clines, #32 Sam Mejias, and #34 Ray Burris.  In their place were #24 Ken Henderson, #32 Miguel Dilone, #36 Bill Caudill, and #41 Dick Tidrow.

It looks like Topps used the early version of the photo since the card has Burris, Mejias, and Clines.  Missing from the card are Bobby Murcer, Ted Sizemore, Ken Holtzman, and Herman Franks.  Its odd that they took some out but left others in.

Topps also added their own pictures of Dick Tidrow and Doug Capilla (who wasn't in either of the Cubs photos) on the top row of the card.  It's pretty easy to spot the difference between the Cubs' headshots and the ones that Topps made.

After all of that in and out, here's the Topps lineup:
Row 1: Steve Dillard, Doug Capilla, Dick Tidrow
Row 2: Lynn McGlothen, Cookie Rojas, Sam Mejias, Mike Krukow, Mike Roarke, Dave Kingman, Jerry Martin, Dennis Lamp
Row 3: Larry Biittner, Tim Blackwell, Peanuts Lowrey, Donnie Moore, Scott Thompson, Rick Reuschel, Steve Ontiveros, Bruce Sutter
Row 4: Barry Foote, Ivan DeJesus, Mike Vail, Joe Amalfitano, Mick Kelleher, Gene Clines, Bill Buckner, Willie Hernandez

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  1. I'd love for Topps to use floating head team cards for every team now, since they can't show us the bat boys from the regular team photos. This would be a good substitute.