Thursday, November 2, 2017

2017 Update Cubs

The USPS tracker was right and my shipment from Brentandbecca arrived yesterday.  Among the contents were the eleven base update Cubs cards.

I'll start with these two.  The first is from the home opener, when the Cubs raised the championship flag and paraded the trophy.  The History Makers card plays up the contributions of Bryzzo towards the title.


Both of these guys will need to be in the 2018 update set, with their new teams.



Wade Davis and Ian Happ have two cards each.


We finish with Duensing and a couple Scrabble winners.  It wouldn't surprise me if this is the one and only card of Zagunis as a major leaguer.


  1. I need to track down those first two cards for my World Series binder. Plus, I need that Q! I don't have one of him as a Cub yet, and that's a sharp looking picture that was cropped well.

  2. I mostly sat out this year in terms of collecting but this probably wraps up 2017 for you?

    I hope to see a year-end tile of all your 2017 additions. (And maybe a googledoc update for your collection?)

  3. I hadn't really thought about it, but after looking over the list of releases coming through the end of the year, this should be it for me for 2017. Right now I'm at 484 2017 Cubs cards, which might be a bit too big for a tile. But I will get to the Google sheet soon.