Friday, November 10, 2017

A Look At All the 2017 Inserts

The 2017 Cubs inserts came in at a near-record pace.  Last year there were 81 Cubs inserts, but that number was boosted by the 50-card Wrigley Field set.  Take that away and the 31 cards would be a typical number for recent years.

In 2017, the number of inserts reached 80, and that is without a 50-card set.  It's just 80 basic inserts from all the different sets.  To understand just how many Cubs inserts there has been the past two years, consider this: From 2010-2015 the total Cubs total among the inserts was 163.  That 163 cards for six years.  The past two years was 161.

I keep a spreadsheet of all the different insert sets and how many Cubs cards were in each.  Most years at least half the sets get the designation "NO CUBS."  This year there were just two of the 22 sets without a Cub, All Star MVPs (and they could have given a card to the 1976 co-winner Cub Bill Madlock) and Rediscover Topps.  The other twenty sets have at least one Cub

1987 - 16
5 Tool - 4
All Rookie Cup - 4
All-Time All Stars - 3
Bowman Then and Now - 1
First Pitch - 12
Golden Glove Award - 1
Heroes of Autumn - 2
Home Run Derby Champs - 2
Independence Day - 2
Jackie Robinson Day - 1
Major League Milestones - 2
Memorable Moments - 1
MLB Awards - 2
MVP Winners - 2
Postseason Celebrations - 1
Salute - 17
Silver Slugger - 2
Storied World Series - 2
Untouchables - 2

Here's what all 80 inserts look like, in a nice 8 x 10 tile.

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  1. I should have saved a little more money during the lean years for this "problem"