Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wrapping Up Topps 2017

Now that I've got all the Update inserts, I believe that I am finished with 2017 Topps.  It was a banner year for the Cubs, as there were 122 total Cubs cards.

Today I've got the base cards and tomorrow I'll have all the inserts.

The cards break down into various subsets like this:
Players - 28
League Leaders - 6
World Series - 4
Team-type cards - 3
All Star - 1

The 42 cards feature 28 different players, from Anderson to Zystryzny.  The only name player that is missing from the set is Albert Almora. He does have cards in 2017 Ginter, Stadium Club, Bowman, and Heritage.  He was also included in last year's base and update set.  I find it puzzling that he was left out of the 2017 flagship.

Otherwise, we've got anyone that you'd expect to see.

With 42 cards, they square up nicely into a 6 x 7 tile,


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  1. Shame about missing Almora. I've been considering starting a PC for him. Seems like an affordable, homegrown option.