Monday, November 20, 2017

Always Learning

Years ago I completed the Donruss Champions Cubs sets.  it was pretty easy as there were just two years to chase, 2003 and 2005.

I put this one to bed a while ago.... I thought.

I'm always learning. For the second time in just the past couple of weeks I was made aware of a set that I didn't know existed.

This time it was Donruss Champions from 1984.  The 60 card set featured current players, Champions, and Hall of Famers, Grand Champions.  The cards were also oversized, measuring 3½" x 5".  Two Cubs made the checklist


Oddly, neither of these champions were with the Cubs by the end of the 1984 season.  Fergie was released during spring training and Buckner was traded mid-season to the Red Sox.

But now I can at least say the my Champions collection is complete.


  1. I've never seen those cards before. Nice finds!

  2. Cool cards. Love the mid 80's Donruss oddball issues.

  3. I found a box of these for $5 or $10 at my LCS. Was able to put a set together and have quite a few dups. I really like the look of the cards.

  4. Do you have all of the oversized Donruss cards from the 80s? I've got a big stack of them I had from my childhood that were in a shoebox. They are bigger versions of the regular issue cards, and it looks like they had versions for 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 based off what I have. Let me know if you need any.