Saturday, December 2, 2017

All I've Got of Him: Jake Arrieta

Yesterday, Joe Maddon was quoted saying that Jake Arrieta is "probably gone."  I guess that means that there won't be any more Jake Arrieta cards showing him as a Cub.

I'd like to seem his back with the Cubs, but I don't think he's worth the money he's asking.  He'll be 32 next season and his numbers have regressed the past two seasons.

Over his 4½ seasons with the Cubs he posted a record of 68-31 and an ERA of 2.78.  Toss in two no hitters, a 5-3 post season record, and a Cy Young Award and you've got a pretty good run.

From the various brands that I collect I've ended up with 82 different Arrieta cards.  The number of cards got a big bump the past two years, a combination of his Cy Young and the Cubs World Series title.  In fact, 70 of the 82 cards come from 2016 and 2017.  There are just two from 2014 and ten from 2015.


  1. Yes, his contract will probably be for $20+ million and 4+ years, and I don't think the Cubs want any part of either of those numbers.
    On a side note, I still need to acquire an Arrieta autograph and maybe the prices of his Cubs autos will come down once he moves on? I don't know, I'm struggling to find a silver lining.

  2. I'll miss him as a Cub. I picked up his Topps RC right before his Cy Young. That season was a lot of fun to watch. He had such domination.