Friday, September 28, 2018

2018 Heritage High Number Cubs

My 2018 Heritage High Numbers Cubs cards have arrived.

The High Numbers add another 225 cards to the 500 card base set.  Of the additional 225, 25 are shortprints.  The Cubs landed eight* players among the 225.

And why the asterisk next to the "eight'?


Because there are two different cards for Brandon Morrow.  So eight cards but seven players.  This begs the question of why two cards for Morrow?  Did someone at Topps forget to review the checklist?

And the other six players?


 Well, we have two free agent busts....



 ...and some guys who have actually contributed this season.

Would Night Owl be interested in the Caratini card?  It looks like a night shot to me.


  1. Eduardo Nunez of the Red Sox also has two cards. I wondered if any other team had this. Sloppy work by Topps.

  2. 3AM has a new card out? Nice! I'll have to chase that one down!