Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Oddball 2016 Cubs Set

I think I stumbled on this set during an Ebay search for Cubs team sets.

It seems that back in late 2016 an individual seller made their own Cubs set.  They used the American Caramel set from 1909 as their inspiration and came up with this unlicensed set.

Whoever made this did a pretty decent job.  The design is fairly close.  They also used normal thickness card stock so the cards aren't flimsy.  The cards seemed to be cut professionally too, as they are all uniform in size. 

The set has 21 cards, one for Joe Maddon and 20 players.  All of the most important players were included.

The set makes a nice little keepsake from that awesome season.



  1. Nice tribute. I assume the maker did 1909 as a year after the championship (Cubs won in 1908 so players appear on the 1909 cards). Does "stumbled on" mean you bought it?