Saturday, September 15, 2018

They're Not Hitting, But They Are Staying Loose

The Cubs have not been hitting much lately, but at least they're staying loose.

Thursday they played a game in Washington, a one-day trip to make up the game rained out on Sunday.  They left for DC right after Wednesday's home game against the Brewers.  They flew back to Chicago after defeating the Nationals.

Since it was just a one night trip, Anthony Rizzo decided to travel light, very light.

He wore his uniform on the plane to DC.  He didn't bring a suitcase.  All he had was the road uniform.

Traveling light paid of as he was 2-5 and the Cubs won.  

I hope the win gets them back into the swing of things.


  1. I read Maddon was upset with Rizzo... but not for the reason you'd expect from a typical manager.
    He was upset Rizzo didn't alert him beforehand he was wearing his uniform so he and everyone else could have done the same! Gotta keep it loose when you're scheduled to play 30 days in a row!

  2. Subtle leadership while also making a statement. I was at all of the games last weekend as well as the makeup game on Thursday. What a difference the weather makes for the experience.

  3. I heard about that and thought it was hilarious!