Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2018 Topps Fire Cubs

Topps Fire came out a couple weeks ago.  The 200-card set is a Target exclusive.  The closest Target to me is 40 miles away.  I can't just take a quick run to the store to get a few packs.

I can take a quick click to Sportlots.

I did and within a week I had the Cubs team set in hand.  I also paid 18¢ per card, so the nine card set cost less than a pack of cards.





Fire gives me two retired Cubs and seven active players. Even better, there is no Dillon Maples or Jen-Ho Tseng.  It's all the big names.

The nine Cubs are also divided into three different designs.


  1. The most annoying part about Fire is that each pack type has its own exclusive parallel. Rack, blasters, full boxes, etc. You really have to rely on secondary markets heavily to have a chance

  2. Fire is such a difficult set to track down all the parallels for because it is a retail exclusive set. Getting the 1/1s are alwayssuper tough because you don't know if that card ended up in some little kids hands.