Saturday, September 22, 2018

Question About Comments

I love getting comments from those of you that read the blog.  Keep 'em coming!

I detest getting comments from bots.  Lately I've been getting more.  Last week one was made on the post I had for my 6th anniversary, which makes it nearly four year old.

What do you fellow bloggers do when you get those comments?  

I delete mine.  Even if the post is 4+ years old, I do not want some weird random comment on it.  So I dump them as soon as I get a notification that a comment was made.

I know I can change the settings to make it more difficult to leave a comment, but I don't want to create a hassle for you who do comment.  As long as the bots aren't deluging me, I 'll keep things the way they are.

So how many of you get those comments?  What do you do with them?


  1. If I catch them I delete them, but sometimes just let them live in infamy. They tend to come in waves...none for a long time, then someone like Fashion Shoes comes along for a few weeks.

  2. I delete the "bot" comment once I see it post.

  3. I delete them as soon as I find them. 1) They are always off-topic (although some preface their ad with token praise for my blog). 2) They are not going to use my blog for free advertising.

    If there is a continuous string for a few days (like with who Lost Collector mentioned), I will turn on moderation for awhile until it passes.

  4. Ha! I forgot all about Fashion Shoes! That was kind of a fun time around the blogs.
    I get comments on old posts, too. I just delete them and move on. I, like yourself, don't want to make it any more difficult for those who want to leave a comment.

  5. I sure enjoy your blog each day. My favorite is the random cards on sunday. I wish you would talk more about my favorite player from the 70's Jerry Morales.

  6. I love getting comments, but am quick to clear out the spam. Not sure if I'll ever get back into anything like my former pace, but if something catches my attention, I still try to update old posts or put out something new. I especially enjoy getting comments on older posts, because it usually someone who found something I posted useful.

  7. I delete them. But I'm actually surprised at how little they hit my blog. If I were to guess, I'd say that I get hit by a bot less than once a month.