Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Living Set David Bote

The fifth Cub has been added to the Living Set.

Rookie David Bote is now immortalized in the Living Set.  Frankly, he is not, in my opinion, worthy to be included.  At least not yet. 

He did a decent job filling in for an injured Kris Bryant.  He hit a walk-off grand slam against the Nationals.  But lately, he has not done much.  I'm thinking he may not have a spot on the post-season roster.

But he has a spot in the Living Set.


  1. Using the theme the set is using (which has honestly piqued my interest for whatever reason) - you are getting a 'vet' of some kind, a rookie or young star, and a regular guy (like in the 80s, that would help make up the 792 cards). Bote's value was very high in August (his Bowman autos were selling for $100 and more for straight up autos and refractors, the color versions were going for more - crazy). Topps has been pretty keen to the market, issuing Devers early on when he was doing well, Soto, Torres, Acuna, Ohtani was early on when his Bowman cards were off the charts, etc. It makes sense. Eventually, though, they are going to have to start running out the Royals, Padres, Tigers, etc. and will be interesting how they pair them to drum up interest...maybe it'll be the week when they put out Brad Kelley with Mickey Mantle and Tony Gwynn...

  2. Yes, I was also curious about this. It seems like some teams are under represented.
    Also, are they churning out three cards each week during the off season?

    1. I too wonder about the off-season. I'm guessing that they will keep them coming.