Friday, September 21, 2018

Let's Go Out To Eat

Yesterday we had breakfast, lunch, some snacks, and then supper.  But we had to stay home for all of them.  Today we're closing the kitchen and going out to eat!

Restaurants too have been involved in baseball card promotions.  Most were those that cater to kids.

We've got burger joints....

... Burger Chef, Burger King, and McDonalds.

Want some ice cream?

Isaly's will take care of you.  I also remember that Dairy Queen had sundaes in little plastic batting helmets.  Those, however, are too big to fit in my binder!

Looking for some pizza?

Shakey's is the place for you.

And if you're looking for a bigger menu, or a Grand Slam breakfast?

Then head to Denny's.

While doing some research for this post, I saw that Long John Silver's gave out cards in 1990.  Mark Grace has three cards on the 40 card checklist.  He was also included in the prototype set in 1989.  I'm going on a hunt for those four.  I get them posted once the quest is complete


  1. I loved the Burger Chef cards and Burger Chef restaurants, too!

  2. Never seen those Shakey's cards before... and I live out here on the West Coast. I'll have to look into them. Like Johngy, I absolutely love those Burger Chef cards. Great 70's oddballs.

  3. I Really enjoyed going to Denny's back in the day to have a Grand Slam breakfast with my family and get the hologram card. Good times.