Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Billy Williams PSA Master List Collection

It's been nearly a year since I've added anything to my Billy Williams PSA master list set.  While I use the PSA list as a guide, I don't get graded cards.  My collection is made up of raw cards.

I've been sitting at a completion rate of 77% for a while.  The cards that I have left are the rare and expensive oddballs.  Most don't show up on Ebay and when they do  they are out of my budget range.

But since Christmas is coming and you are all soon to be filled with extreme fits of generosity, allow me to offer you a couple chances to scratch that giving itch.

Yesterday, two of the rare Billy items showed up in my saved searches.  You can send my way...

...this 1971 Baseball's Greatest moments card.  It is just a mere $225, though the seller is also accepting best offers.

If that doesn't do it for you, how about this...

.... 1968 Kahns.  It's going for just $200 and again, the seller will listed to offers.

I suspect I will still be at 77% in January!


  1. I feel like I got my 71 greatest moments Yaz at a bargain for $150.00.dont need to chase any Kahns for my Redsox sets thankfully

  2. No Kahn's for Ernie Banks, either. I'll bet you're doing pretty well with the Billy Williams Topps Master Set, though you'd still need the Greatest Moments card and the Venezuelans. You're lucky that nobody has asked them to add a Billy Williams Super Set!

  3. There are a few A's in the Greatest Moments set. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict I'll never actually own any of them. Hope you're able to acquire the Williams at some point.

  4. Not graded but I was lucky enough to pcik up a Santo Kahns five years ago for $16. A PSA 7 sold recently for just double that. So there's hope.