Sunday, November 18, 2018

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 16,117 Cubs cards from 135 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: Topps 1960 #305 Richie Ashburn  It's pretty obvious that he is wearing a Phillies uniform at Connie Mack Stadium.  But taking those hatless pictures paid off for Topps this time.

1980s: 1986 Team Issued #4 Gene Michael  I didn't like it when Dallas Green fired Jim Frey during the 1986 season and liked it even less when Michael was hired as his replacement.  The team was no better with him than they were with Frey... they were 10 games under .500 with each as manager

1990s: 1991 Star Platinum #7 Mark Grace The card is for the 1989 season and most likely, the picture is from 1989, too.  That was the last year that the Cubs wore pullover tops.

2000s: 2002 Topps Total #933 Jon Lieber  The best thing about Total?  Lieber is card #933  and there were still another 57 cards on the checklist.

2010s: 2013 Gypsy Queen #285 Matt Garza  The Cubs sold high on Garza during the 2013 season.  He was traded to the Rangers after going 6-1 for the Cubs. Two members of the 2016 WS Cubs team came in exchange - Carl Edwards and Justin Grimm.  Garza is 14 games under .500 since the trade.... and earned about $68 million.  


  1. Gosh, I love me some Topps Total.
    The front office did a nice job on the Garza trade.

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