Monday, November 30, 2020

1986 Meadow Gold Carton Ryne Sandberg

 Meadow Gold issued three sets of cards in 1986.  Two years ago I picked up the Cubs in two of the three sets. The third set was the tricky one.  It consisted of cards that were printed onto milk cartons, the heavy wax-coated paper cartons.  The cards from this set are not easy to find.  Who cuts things off of milk cartons?  Not many people apparently.

The lone Cub in the 15-player set was Ryne Sandberg.  Sandberg stuff is typically harder because there are more collectors going after his stuff compared to other Cubs players.

An auction for the Sandberg card was listed a few weeks ago.  It was the first I'd seen in nearly two years.  My bid was too low and I lost.  Another was listed by the same seller, but I somehow overlooked it.  The same seller listed a third one.  After not seeing one in 22 months, one guy had three.  I wasn't going to miss out the third time around.

And I didn't!


  1. These are a cool oddball issue. I picked up an uncut Pete Rose carton at a card show last year.

  2. Were they all this same color variation? I have this one and a full carton with brown ink used on the picture. The standard catalog mentions a red ink variation, but I have never scene one for any player.

    1. I've never seen a red version either. The PSA and TCDB sites show only brown ones, too.