Monday, November 16, 2020

Didn't Add Another to the Billy Williams PSA Collection

 I've been working on completing the PSA master set for Billy Williams.  I use the PSA checklist but don't have the cards graded.  I am just collecting the cards that show him with the Cubs.  My collection tally is 117 of the 143 items, which is 82%.  The missing 18% are cards that are very rare and very expensive.

An auction for one of those items was listed on Ebay last week. 

This is from 1971's Baseball's Greatest Moments.  When one of the rare cards shows up, I'll watch the auction.  My optimistic hope is that the auction goes unnoticed and I swoop up the card for practically nothing.

That didn't happen here.  There were several bids within a couple of days and soon the bids were already past what I would pay.  I continued to watch the auction out of curiosity.  By the end there were 26 bids.

Check out that final price.  That is waaaaaayyyy  beyond what I'll pay for a card, even one of Billy Williams.  

Until I win the lottery, this is the type of card that will keep me at 82%.


  1. You’ll get one of those, but that is in uncommonly good shape for that notoriously chipped-up issue. I’m not surprised at that price.

  2. Love that set. It has a solid design. Shame they're so hard to find at bargain prices. I'd love to build the A's set... but like you stated... these aren't cheap.