Friday, November 27, 2020

Wrapping Up The 2020 Flagship Insert Cards

I've got the inserts recap today. There are 58 Cubs inserts in the 2020 set. Compare that to the 63 last year, 101 in 2018, 87 in 2017, and 81 in 2016. The drop in numbers is easier on my wallet, but it also means the team isn't doing as well. 

The 2020 Cubs inserts....
  • Cubs were included in 12 of the 15 insert sets.  They were shut out of Decade of Dominance, Significant Statistics, and Topps Now Review
  • There were cards for 18 different players and one team card
  • 7 of the 18 players on the current 40-man roster
  • 8 of the 18 players are retired
  • 3 are no longer with the team (Lester, Garcia, and Davis)
  • The most popular players were Kris Bryant and Ryne Sandberg with 8 cards, and Javier Baez and Ernie Banks with 6
  • The most ridiculous stat: Robel Garcia has three inserts while Kyle Schwarber has two.


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  1. The Turkeys are cool. The rest is "average" at best. I hope Topps doesn't ruin Turkey Red by flooding them into the hobby over the next five years. I hope they shelf it another 6 to 10 years... so we can start craving it again.