Monday, November 23, 2020

2020 Update Cubs

 The package from Brentandbecca arrived quickly and safely and I've got all the Update Cubs.

Topps faced a numbers dilemma for Update  with no All Star Game and fewer transactions among the teams.  The All Star issued was solved by using All Stars from past seasons.  


The Cubs have three of those.

Topps added a subset called Active Leaders as a way to fill slots in the set.

Kimbrel's time with the Cubs has not done much to add to his save totals.

Debut cards were included again.

Nico Hoerner's 2019 debut is here.

Eight Cubs players were included.




The best card among these is the card from Alec Mills, his first flagship card with the Cubs.

A couple of the players had no or very little playing time with the Cubs.  Usually players in Update actually played for the new team, which is the whole point of Update.  This year Topps guessed with some of the players at the alternate site.

Jharel Cotton was at the South Bend site, DFA'ed in August, re-signed, and then released again in September.  Ian Miller was called up for one game, pinch ran, and then got sent back and was later released.  


  1. Biggest omission is Jeremy Jeffress.
    Also, are the backs of your update cards upside down? Or backwards? About 3/4 of my update set have player's names at bottom left and card number on the top left side rather than on the right hand side of the card where they have belonged for nearly 70 years. My OCD side hates how this looks in the book.

  2. Yes, some are backwards. The back side of the sheets look very weird. My OCD doesn’t like it either!

  3. At least Topps used different All Star logos for the specific years, the player is mentioned.