Tuesday, November 10, 2020

2020 Total Totals

 I've got all the Total cards now, so lets do a little recap.  As usual the set has 900 cards and they are divided evenly between the 30 teams... 30 cards each for 30 teams.

Four of the 30 Cubs in the set didn't play a single inning for the 2020 Cubs, Daniel Descalzo, Robel Garcia, Danny Hultzen, and Mark Zagunis.

The Cub player with the most playing time that wasn't included in Total was Jason Kipnis.  He was signed by the Cubs in February and played in 44 games.  His exclusion was a bit baffling.

The 30 cards make a nice 6 x 5 mosaic.  Take a look:

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  1. Great looking set. I'd love to add the A's and Padres to my collection if the price was right.