Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Scott May??

 I picked up two cards of a guy who pitched in just two games for the Cubs.

Scott May was with the Cubs in August, 1991, and gave up four runs in his two appearances.  His ERA of 18.00 is pretty bad.  

He never got a card as a Cub, so I settled for these two from 1991 that show him with the Iowa Cubs.

And why did I get these cards, you ask.  I have a very specific and personal reason.

Scott May is the only Cubs player that was born on the exact date that I was, November 11, 1961. In fact he is the only major leaguer to be born on that date.   Since I never got to play for the Cubs, I have to live vicariously through Scott May.

Are there major leaguers that were born the same exact date as you?  You can look it up here.  I hope you find someone who did better than my guy, Scott May.


  1. Happy Birthday! Yamid Haad played in 18 games. I may have to start a second player collection. He has less than 40 cards on the Beckett checklist.

  2. Happy birthday! No players match the my exact birthday, but plenty of good players born on the same month and day.

  3. Happy birthday. No baseball players come within five years of being born the day I was. But in hockey, Claude Lemieux and Kevan Guy were born the exact same day. In basketball, former Clipper/Knick Charles Smith.

  4. No exact matches for me, but Luis Gonzalez was born on my first birthday.

    The Mets actually have two young pitchers born on my birthday--David Peterson, who was a solid rookie this season, and Corey Oswalt, who seems more like a guy you call up when your starters get hurt. Obviously both much younger than I.

  5. Mine is Cy Young Winner Mark Davis,the only one with my exact first and last name is a Class A team card from 1980.

  6. Happy Birthday, the most famous Scott May played for Indiana Basketball and the Chicago Bulls. On 11-11-77 Scott May scored 2 points for the Chicago Bulls in a loss to the New Jersey Nets.

    1. Basketball Scott May is what came to my mind too when I found this Scott May. He was really good in college at Indiana and I was pretty excited when the Bulls drafted him. His pro career didn't work out as well as his time at IU.

  7. No exact matches for me, but 61 players have the same birthday. I already knew about Yogi Berra and Felipe Alou.

    Following your link I learned of Ted Kubiak, Pat Darcy, Joe Nolan, Lou Whitaker, and Kevin Bass.

    Most of the other guys I've never heard of.

  8. My only exact match is Gorman Heimuller, who went 3-6 for Oakland and Atlanta in 1983-84. The top WAR players who share my birthday are Raffy Palmeiro and Dixie Walker.

  9. Happy belated birthday!
    None were born on my exact birthday. Two were born the year before and one the year after. Bummer.
    Connie Mack and Steve Carlton share my birthday, which is pretty cool.