Sunday, December 11, 2011

Adding Another Heritage Card

I hate it when I thought I had a set complete, and then find out I missed one. That recently happened with my Heritage set. The card I missed was this one:

…from 2005. I know I double-checked the New Age Performers checklist a couple times, yet Nomar still slipped passed me. I guess I forgot about his quick stay on the North Side. It started with so much optimism, as he was added to the team for the stretch run in 2004. Adding Greg Maddux in the spring, and Nomar in August seemed like enough to put the Cubs over the top.

But no, not the Cubs. They didn’t even qualify for the post-season. They finished 16 games behind the Cardinals, and lost out to the Astros for the wild card by three games. Losing seven of their last nine games killed the wild card and the season ended on a bitter note.

But hey, at least I got a new Nomar New Age Performer card for the collection.

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