Friday, December 2, 2011

Topps Finest Darwin Barney

I've completed another Darwin Barney rainbow, this time from Topps Finest. There are only 100 cards in the set, so it's nice to see Barney on the checklist.

In addition to the base card, there is the usual boat-load of parallel refractors. I picked up all except the die-cut mosiac ( / 10) and the purple ( /5), and the 1/1s.

Red 25/25

Gold 17/50

Orange 82/99

Green 182/199

X Fractor 152/299

Refractor 253/499

There are also a bunch of autographs on different colored refractors. I just picked up one,

the dual jersey/auto refractor 253/499

My final Barney rainbow for the year will be with Bowman Chrome. I'm just about done with that one. Look for it soon.

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