Saturday, December 31, 2011

That's Gotta Hurt...Fleer 1999

I found these two cards in the Fleer 1999 set, and thought, "That's Gotta Hurt!"

Scott Servais is making a play at home plate and it looks like he got run over. You see lots of cards with catchers wearing their mask, but not too many have the mask turned sideways. Looks like a game against the Braves. In fact, it's this game on May 29, 1998, against the Braves. On this play in the fourth inning, Michael Tucker (#24) scored on a double by Andruw Jones. Jones took third after the collision at the plate.

I have no idea what's happening here! Manny Alexander is scoring, and a ball is just about to hit him in the gut. I can't think of another card that's got a ball just about to nail a runner. Luckily for Alexander, the ball is not a foot lower! That would really hurt!


  1. The Alexander play makes you think. It's at home plate right? It's close enough that the ball is in the picture. Why isn't Manny sliding?