Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Topps 2011 Cubs Wrap Up

With the Sandberg Die Cut in hand, I'm finished with Topps 2011!The total number of Cubs cards I ended up with is 267. That is by far the most number of cards from one set that I've ever had. It was all those wacky parallels that boosted the number. The Platinum, Cognac, Walmart, Limited Edition, and Gold parallels added 150 more cards than usual.

Here is a breakdown of all 267 cards:

Topps Base23
Platinum Base
Gold Base
Walmart Base
Limited Edition Base
Cognac Base
Legends SP2
Legends SP Platinum2
Legends SP Cognac2
Castro black2
Castro Target2
Update base10
Update Platinum10
Update Gold10
Update Cognac10
Update Legends SP1
Update Legends SP Platinum1
Update Legends SP Cognac1
60 Years of Topps
Diamond Duos2
Diamond Duos Relic1
Gloves Base5
Gloves Black5
Kimballs Champions5
Castro NL All Star1
Castro '521
Castro Purple1
Castro All Star Relic1
Topps 605
Topps 60 Auto9
Topps 60 Relics17
Next 60 Auto1
Diamond Die Cut7
Throwback patch4

Before Series One came out, I said I was going to skip all the extra stuff. Then the Platinum Diamond cards showed up and I caved. I didn't just cave, I Mammoth Caved! But next year, I promise that I will not cave, I will stick to the base cards and an occasional insert.

If you have two minutes and forty-nine seconds of your life to waste, take a look at all 267 of my Topps 2011 Cubs

And Topps 2012 is out in 50 days!!


  1. You inspired me to count up my 2011 Topps Dodgers:


    But I'm not done yet!

  2. Check that: 282. I forgot to count the minis.