Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Last Barney Rainbow

I've finished with my last Barney rainbow, from Bowman Chrome. The rainbow consists of...

...the base card

....the refractor refractor 004/150 refractor 24/50

....and the orange refractor 18/25

I've skipped the red refractor (/5) and all of the 1/1s.

These put my Barney PC at 47 cards. Now the sad part....I've got 58 Ron Santo cards in my collection. Next year the Barney collection will pass the Santo. Shame on me!


  1. Where are the new Ron Santo cards? Pretty much the only ones I've seen in the last two years were the 2010 Triple Threads auto relics (none of which I can afford right now, and they're sticker auto's).

  2. Now that he is in the HOF, I imagine there will be more Santo cards in 2012. I'd love to see a variation SP in the base set.