Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sammy Auto

There was a glaring hole in my autograph collection: Sammy Sosa

I don't think I intentionally left him out. After all, I do have a relic card of his. But it doesn't seem like there were a lot of his autographs out there. Low product means high price. So I never really pursued a Sammy auto.

A couple weeks ago, just for the heck of it, I did a Sosa autograph search on ebay. A card caught my attention, with both looks and price. I decided to watch the auction and see how it went. With only a day to go, the price was still reasonable, so I set my sniper to do its thing. It did it and I won!

Here's what I ended up with, a Leaf Certified 2004 Blue Mirror card.

The cards are numbered to /25, and as you can see, mine is #1. Of all the numbered cards I've got, this is the first #1. I don't know if that adds any value, but having #1 seem cool.

The autograph is a sticker, but there is an imprint that is on both the sticker and the card, which tells me this is the real deal. The Standard Catalog give the Red Mirror card a value of $100, and there were 100 of that card. No prices were given for the Blue Mirrors, but since they are numbered to only 25, I assume it would be a bit higher than the red.

Well, I paid a fraction of that. While I wanted to fill a hole, I wasn't going to break the bank doing so. I ended up with a nice card at a decent price, and another hole filled in.

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  1. Nice pick up! I need a Sammy auto too. He's one of my all-time faves.

    Very interesting signature. It's tough to see a "Sammy Sosa" in there.